The Glenn Murcutt Master Class '12

Sydney, Australia

33 Participants

23 Nationalities

15 days

9 Women

4 Indians

4 Tutors

4 AIA Gold Medallists

1 Pritzker Awardee



Aoife Keigher, Robert Scott, Paul Semanda, Ieong Chong Tat (Eddie)


Conducted over two weeks annually in Sydney, the Murcutt Masterclass is an incredible coming together of a group of wonderful teachers - Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier, Brit Andresen and Peter Stutchbury and a rich, international mix of practicing architects and students.


The first week is spent in Riversdale, at the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Centre, one of Mr. Murcutt's masterworks. A small design exercise is presented - our batch looked to accommodate a small gallery (6000 sft) on campus to house Arthur Boyd's paintings.


An essential part of the workshop is an intense period of observation through drawing. After this week of internalising the context the workshop moves to Sydney for the next week where the focus is on the selection of an appropriate location for the gallery and preparation of drawings and models to illustrate the architectural solution.


Spending two weeks working  intimately with these great teachers and the eclectic group of participants is a singularly profound experience. The workshop forces one to step back and consider very carefully the work one is doing. This is an essential fortnight for a young practitioner.


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(L to R): Lindsay Johnston (convener), Brit Andresen, Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury