Directed by Premjit Ramachandran

A labour of love for its director, Premjit Ramachandran, this is an insightful and much-needed portrait of the low-cost-housing pioneer and architect Balkrishna Doshi. Doshi has led the evolution of contemporary Indian architecture, interpreting the modernist ideals of his former boss, Le Corbusier, and working within the constraints of the local conditions of site, climate and available technology.


NDTV 24x7


National television broadcast


Cité de l’Architecture et du

Patrimoine Paris, 2010

Selected for the Archives


Architect Africa Film Festival,

South Africa, 2010

Official Selection


The Architecture Centre / Arnolfini,

Bristol, 2010

Invited Screening


Architectural Film Festival,

Rotterdam, 2009

Official Selection


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, 2008

Invited Screening


Harvard University

Cambridge, 2008

Invited Screening


University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, 2008

Invited Screening


American Institute of Architects,

New York, 2008

Invited Screening


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