Waterfront : Crotone



Venice Biennale

Project Type

Competition / Urban Design


Submitted in 2006


Project Team

Ruchi Patel, Pramod Jaiswal, Kavita Gonzalves, S. Rajkumar, Charu Kapur.


Official Selection Venice Biennale, 2006



Venice Biennale Exhibition Catalogue


In 2006, as part of the Venice Biennale four southern Italian towns (Bari, Crotone, Siracusa, and Pantelleria) hosted competitions inviting proposals for urban regeneration. We worked on the waterfront in Crotone currently occupied by defunct industrial uses and derelict buildings.


Our proposal suggested that we could reconnect the historic core of Crotone to the waterfront via new public institutions that served to mitigate the 30m level difference and created new public places along the waterfront. The new uses proposed included public museums, a performing arts center, a market, office buildings, housing, a city room, a library, and a marina.


Our proposal was shortlisted for the Leonne di Pietra award and published in the Biennale exhibition catalogue.