VDB Argent



Value Designbuild

Project Type

Commercial (Office)

Built Area

40,000 sft.




Project Team

Pramod Jaiswal, Divya E., Shilpa Mevada


Structural Consultant

Engineering Consultants India

PHE Consultant


Electrical Consultant

Entask Consultancy Services


Located at the corner of two streets with its long facade facing South, the building is sheathed with multiple layers of protection along this plane.


Seen as a series of enclosures (glass within, brick next, stone outside this and a terracotta screen on the periphery) the building is an exercise in the articulation of the junctions between these different materials.


Designed to house a single tenant and recognising the daily routine of a trek up to the refectory on the terrace an external stair lines the south facade connecting all the floors to the roof and serving as a landscaped series of breakout spaces for the offices.