Architecture & the City

A Bangalore Perspective

In late July of 2005, we were invited by Inside Outside magazine to participate in their expo in Bangalore. The idea was to give young practices like ours a chance to get noticed. We took the stall, but instead of designing and building the perfect bedroom, we set it up with a TV, two speakers and an amp and screened a film.


The film was 82 minutes of architects talking about design, the profession, public processes, professional frustrations, and personal manifestos. It is time now for these discussions to find their way into mainstream media. Without this extensive and critical coverage the debate about what makes for good architecture, and in turn a good city will never find wide spread resonance.


Screened in colleges across India and part of the professional practice curiculum in numerous

schools of architecture.


Transcript Published:




To purchase a copy of the film please write to touch@hundredhands.com